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Imagine a world in which we all make one simple change. If every one of us changed one single light bulb from an incandescent bulb to a compact fluorescent (CFL), the reduction in pollution from power generation would be like taking 800,000 cars off the road.

If every one of us checked the tire pressure on our cars, Canadian drivers could save enough fuel to fill 257 Olympic-size swimming pools.

If every one of us switched to low-flow showerheads, we could each cut water use in showers by 50-70%. The staggering light bulb statistic was the light bulb moment for former marketing executive, Stuart Hickox, who began to consider the impact of millions of people being empowered to make one simple change.

Stuart soon shared the stats with friends and wrote a business plan for an innovative door-to-door, community-based social marketing campaign called One Change.

Within its first year, One Change had touched 250,000 homes, distributing free CFL bulbs and spreading their call to action: Simple Actions Matter. The organization doesn’t stop with light bulbs though.

Rather the idea that a simple action, delivered by a neighbour or friend will lead to other changes, encompasses a diversity of campaigns, including Project Porchlight and the fuel efficiency initiative. The concept is simple: don’t just talk the talk – walk the walk. Moving from awareness to action, we can all make one simple change, and give others the tools to do the same.

“What started as a campaign to just get people to change light bulbs one at a time has really turned into a way to stimulate and nurture real grassroots collaboration and change.”

– Stuart Hickox

You can watch Stuart’s own GreenHero profile video to learn more about his inspiring work and how he’s helping spread simple actions. To learn about simple actions you can take to help the planet, visit our Simple Changes Matter campaign page. Don’t forget to leave a comment on Stuart’s profile and on the campaign page!

To learn more about One Change and its various campaigns and initiatives, and to take action yourself, visit the Simple Changes Matter campaign page.

Remember – in the battle to save the planet, simple changes matter: What simple changes are you making to help the environment? How are you acting locally to affect global change? Do you know someone who is a small change agent in your community? Share your story here for your chance to win a prize in our contest!

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