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Earth Rangers

Dr. Goodall isn’t the only one with faith in the power of children. We’ve been spotting Earth Rangers, a Canadian non-profit organization that engages youth in wildlife protection, all around Toronto, promoting conservation and education to kids.

In fact, we caught them at the Planet in Focus press conference with live wildlife in hand (rescued or injured), which they use to educate kids and instill a love of and fascination with animals from a very young age.

They share a vision with Jane Goodall: no person is too young to care or to act, and so their work begins with raising youth awareness to the perils of wildlife, especially right here at home.

Even we were shocked by their stats: 25% of mammals, 31% of reptiles and 33% of amphibians are under threat of extinction, many owing to loss of habitat.

Even more shocking still is that 60% of the world’s ecosystems have already been degraded, 50% of the world’s forests have disappeared, 67% of critical wetlands no longer exist, and in Canada there are over 400 species at risk.

So how is Earth Rangers sparking action in youth? In an exciting collaboration with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Earth Rangers has launched their Bring Back the Wild (BBTW) campaign, a project that puts power for positive change into the hands of youth, who they hope will move forward on conservation efforts.

We appreciate BBTW’s approach to fundraising, which entrusts youth with the tools to act by fundraising to save wild animals and protect their habitats from destruction.

The money raised is used to restore habitats and to pay for youth education programs, as well as to provide children with an understanding of the crisis facing wildlife and the need to act and stop it.

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