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Tune in Tuesday November 2 at 7 p.m. (EST) for the launch of GreenHeroes on TVO.

On the eve of the launch of our companion TV show, it’s been a delight to meet some of the best out-of-the box, risk-takers on our planet. It is a combo of wit and wiry determination that propels our GreenHeroes to act on their dreams, survive the rocky road of opposition and to wind up at their ultimate destination – success.

Take Jane Goodall for example. As a young girl she was inspired by the 1930s Tarzan movies to travel to Africa and study chimpanzees. It didn’t matter that she didn’t have a university degree or that single woman didn’t venture to a vast and relatively unknown continent thousands of miles from their home. She went anyway.

Jane was fortunate. She met the renowned anthropologist Louis Leaky who took her under his wing.

Jane Goodall with Louis Leaky
Photo credit: The Jane Goodall Institute

He was looking for someone like Jane, someone who didn’t have academic credentials – just a genuine interest in learning and observing chimpanzees.

His mentorship led Jane to record amazing breakthroughs in chimp behaviour that changed how we view our relationship to animals. Before Jane, it was thought that humans were separate from the animal kingdom. Jane pointed out the similarities and changed forever our thinking about humanity’s place in nature.

These original thinkers and do-ers – are exactly the kind of heroes I like to watch and follow. This week, watch Jane and three other heroes working to preserve our animal kingdom.

All four are paradigm shifters: Rob Stewart, who in one film changed my view of sharks, The Cove’s Ric O’Barry who lifted the curtain on water-theme parks, and Bill Lishman – who showed me how dreams take flight with his “crazy” idea of teaching birds with his ultralight airplane to Fly Away Home.

Tune in tomorrow and in the weeks to come for other GreenHeroes venturing forth to Save the Planet One Story at a Time.

– Joan Prowse, Producer/Director of GreenHeroes TV

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