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It seems to be Canada’s biggest embarrassment at the moment. The innovation dry-spell. A government unwilling to shell out the big bucks to keep Canada at the top of the innovation charts. Everyone is talking about it.

But we’re hopeful that the tides are changing. One of the surest signs is a new-ish project out of Toronto (though it sounds like it’s a bit out of this world too). MaRS (formerly Medical and Related Sciences; now, just a cool name) is where it’s at in the world of science, business, and innovation.

As a matter of fact, its mission is “to build great companies, develop a vibrant innovation hub, and strengthen Canada’s global innovation brand”.

Since its inception in 2005, MaRS has broadened its scope from a focus on basic medical and sciences to a broad range of innovative sectors.

MaRS caught our eye because it brings everything we love together in one place: science and business, big thinkers from the world of academia, government, and the private and not-for-profit sectors. Community leaders are held up high and untapped potential is leaked open.

MaRS lends up and coming entrepreneurs the tools they need to turn their innovative ideas into realities (and get them out to market!). Offering advice and business services from experienced advisors, education and toolkits for entrepreneurs, and tools for raising capital, MaRS is your one stop shop for growing your ideas.

Bill Lishman had loads of tech and science ideas, but some of his ideas were also socially innovative. Take his Pickering protest, which is famous for its socially innovative means of protest. MaRS, too, offers tools for successful social innovation, much like the burgeoning network of social entrepreneurs at the Center for Social Innovation.

And for more ideas on how let your ideas take flight, visit the campaign page! Some other social innovation organizations we’ve set our sights on to help your ideas soar:

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