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Prepare to be inspired!

Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of inspiration to act on your ideas. Bill Lishman’s story inspires us: he’s an artist, an activist, and a humanitarian. After seeing his story, we’re already itching to scribble out our ideas and figure out how to actualize them.

But we get our daily dose of inspiration from another source. Have you heard of TED? If you haven’t, we can’t wait to introduce you. TED is a nonprofit on a mission, much like ours at GreenHeroes: to spread ideas.

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) started as a series of conferences in the 1980’s, and is now famous for it’s talks, TEDTalks.

In fact, there are over 700 talks, with new ones added each day, all sharing ideas, knowledge, and inspiration to change the world.

The ideas are free, and come from some of the world’s greatest thinkers: Bill Gates, Al Gore, GreenHero Jane Goodall, and many more. There are ideas here that are changing the face of the planet, tales of environmental heroes and scientific facts to stir us into action.

Here, Bill Gates discusses the need for innovation and research initiatives to solve the global climate crisis:

TEDx is an exciting offshoot of TED, offering local groups an opportunity to host their own idea-exchange events. TEDxYouthOttawa was the first youth-centric TED event held in North America. It was so popular, that the youth edition is spreading (Toronto hosts its own TEDx on November 20, 2010!).

Tune into TED on your computer or plug into your iPod and be inspired by other innovators, daily. Make your ideas a reality, and visit our Taking Flight campaign page for more ideas on how to innovate!

Remember – in the battle to save the planet, let your ideas take flight: Share your story of innovation and bright ideas sparking change by entering our contest, and you’ll be eligible to win a prize, including being featured on TV as our next GreenHero! Contest details and more information can be found here.

GreenHeroes.tv is all about saving the planet, one story at a time. Do you have a great story to tell about how you’re helping to make the world a greener place? Enter the contest to nominate a friend or yourself – you could be one of Canada’s next GreenHeroes!

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