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Jari Chevalier is a multidisciplinary artist, educator, producer and journalist whose work is about healing psyche and society.

On March 1, 2010, she recorded a podcast on the remarkable work of Vandana Shiva, a celebrated eco-feminist, grassroots activist, research physicist, author, and international advocate for alternatives to global corporate hegemony.

Around the world civilian rights to food and water are being eroded by the patenting of life forms and by privatization of water systems. Some farmers have been hit with lawsuits for patent infringement, while they were planting heritage seeds.

The outspoken, multi-talented Vandana Shiva spoke with Living Heroabout these and other issues of capitalist globalization.


When I first heard Vandana Shiva’s voice it was like listening to Mother Earth herself.

Brilliant and forceful, she spoke of diversity, the integrity and renewability of seeds, natural water tanks we call aquifers and the rights of all the living to fresh water.

She spoke of the creative power of ordinary people to determine the conditions of their own lives.

I heard in this voice a no-nonsense truth-seeker and truth-speaker setting us straight in terms of soil and oil, an eloquent and rousing visionary whose speeches and writings were meant to teach her listeners how to nourish both present and future, a research scientist and tireless organizer/activist who never forgets how Gandhi got things done.

I heard passion, care, warmth and devotion. I read several of her many books and then invited her to appear on Living Hero. I am so very pleased to invite you to share in our conversation:

“. . . there is a higher moral order that requires that we save seeds, because we are caretakers of the biodiversity of this planet,” says Shiva.”

A few months after our phone talk, Vandana came to New York to lead the Sisters of Earth conference with her sister Mira Shiva. Gratefully, I was invited to attend all four days on a press pass. Here is the link to our special Living Hero program bringing you the conference experience.

To learn more about the Living Hero podcast project and to browse the full list of their guests with links to all the interviews, visit our website. To learn how you can take action and plant a seed in others, visit ourcampaign page!

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  1. Soufian | November 25, 2015 at 2:17 am

    In collaboration with the UCSC Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, the Science & Justice Research Center will host a panel dsoiuiscsn on the role of geneticallya0modifieda0crops within sustainable food systems in the global South. Food and agroecology activist and scholar Dr. Vandana Shiva will headline a panel with diverse perspectives from crop science, philanthropy. This panel will cap the CASFS weekend-long gathering and seed exchange eventa0Strengtheninga0the Roots: Seeds and Justice Convergence.

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