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By Savvy Insider

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She has a fan base all over the world. Her name is Vandana Shiva and she lives in Delhi, India.

She is testimony to the fact that determination and true grit can move mountains despite a worldwide juggernaut.

The juggernaut in this case is the relentless drive by the world’s major corporations so that all of us accept, grow, buy and eat genetically modified food.

But Dr. Shiva pursues her goals relentlessly. She has created Navdanya, a national movement with a focus on protecting the diversity and integrity of living resources and the promotion of organic farming and fair trade.

For 20 years she has been toiling away, working with local communities and organizations serving farmers across India.

The results of her efforts are evident. Her hard work has resulted in the conservation of more than 2,000 rice varieties and 54 seed banks, thanks to the participation of 500,000 farmers. But with over 34,000 species of plant currently in danger of extinction, Vandana continues to work tirelessly to conserve seeds and to fight against the loss of species in the face of globalization.

She’s planting the seed by inspiring others to consider a healthier, more sustainable and bio-diverse food system. You can plant the seed in others too.

“[What] motivates me is the deep love for the earth and her biodiversity and her life processes. I have a passion for life, I don’t take it for granted and every time there is a threat to life I am compelled to act”

– Vandana Shiva

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