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How does a “naked” pizza help Close the Loop?

An example of “Closing the Loop”, Ray’s 4th face on Mount Sustainability are the efforts by Naked Pizza chain, started in a 500sq foot “shack” in New Orleans.

The founders designed what they call the healthiest pizza with all natural ingredients without a premium cost. Their pizza shows that local food is good for you without “getting eco” and satisfies people who may only care about how good the pizza tastes.

© Naked Pizza

Their website explains further:

“Naked means natural. Our pizza is simply an honest diversity of all-natural, whole food ingredients that taste better and are better for you…our tomato sauce is all-natural—nicely spiced and herbed, with no added sugar or citric acid.

Our cheese is 100% natural, rGBH-free, our vegetables are all-natural, no additives. Our meats are pork, chicken and beef—free of growth hormones and antibiotics…we intend to launch the world’s largest grassroots health movement.

We’re simply pointing out that all that money spent on pizza and invested in building stores, hiring people, sourcing ingredients, etc., along with the millions of farmers and suppliers and regulators — can be mobilized in a better way….”


Using pizza as the inspiration for an innovative design of a sustainable product helps “close the loop” that Ray Anderson is talking about.

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