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The Toronto Auto Show this past month saw the more traditional gas-guzzling machines we typically associate with car shows displayed alongside some of the world’s newest electric vehicles, showing consumers they really do have the option to go green when purchasing a new without having to sacrifice style and comfort.

From zippy two wheelers to more spacious mid-sized cars, the e-vehicle was out in full force this passed February.

Cars such as the new Fiat, the all-wheel-drive Mini and the new 100 % electric Smart showed off their sleek new looks. The Smart’s “ForTwo” has a fun interior with details such as a lime green speedometers and is totally silent when it drives.

From Ford comes “The Focus Electric” the first fuel-free rechargeable passenger car from Ford and the flagship of the company’s growing school of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles. They are scheduled to arrive in North America and Europe by late 2013. This e-car boasts an advanced lithium-ion battery engineered by Ford with help from supplier LG Chem. It has the ability to charge completely in three to four hours using a 240-volt charge station.

Other models made use of electric power in conjunction with existing, traditional fuel technologies, such as the 2012 Infinity M Hybrid. This M35h benefits from Infiniti’s V6 engine paired with a 50 kW electric motor. It can drive on electric power alone at speeds up to 100 km/h and can travel on electric propulsion for almost 2 kilometres.

Whether it is speed, sleek design or just a green way to get around, the Toronto Auto Show showed us all the electric car is the way to go.

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