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Small, simple changes can make a big difference if we all chip in. Just like another one of our GreenHereos Stuart Hickox, David Suzuki has some great suggestions about how many little acts can change the world.

How to:

Go Green in your Workplace

Getting to and from work for many of us means taking the car everyday, just think of the inefficiency! One person per car is hardly a ride worth taking. Tune up your bike now that the weather is getting warmer, take the bus or even start a carpool with your office mates who live near by. Why not use Facebook or your internal listserve to get people living close together riding together.

The next time you have a lunch or dinner meeting or any kind of catered event, try the “locavore” approach and choose foods that are grown locally and sustainably. There are all sorts of great resources out there for eating what’s local; blogs like this one or this Vancouver based one are an easy way to find out what’s new near you. It’s just a click away – what’s local to you?

Save resources by:
-Plugging any equipment into a power bar and turning it off until needed.
-Set ‘double sided’ as the default setting on your printer.
-Go electronic instead of using hard copies: phone and email, use overheads and power point presentations, get e-subscriptions, and use web resources.
-Use extra water to water plants, don’t simply toss it down the drain.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Another one of our GreenHeroes, Ian Clifford has created the Zenn Motor Company, for those who wish to invest in a hybrid car. David Suzuki urges those who wish to travel, to try and reduce airplane flights as much as possible. In the case of a vacation, you can try re-visiting your own city or traveling by bus or train instead. Flying economy allows more passenger space, and flying directly means less take-off/landing fuel. As for day-to-day transportation, now that Spring’s in the air, get your bikes off the rack or try walking to work or school.

Energy saving appliances can be acquired both for the office and home. LEDs promise a longer lasting bulb. They are still more expensive than regular bulbs, but a new generation of high efficiency incandescent bulbs is in the making. The best way to save energy to date (by over 75%) are Compact fluorescent bulbs.

Energy Saving Light Bulb

Composting might seem like an arduous task, but just like recycling, the moment you start, it easily becomes a routine. When it comes to food, buy local, buy organic.

Making a change that impacts our planet might seem like an overwhelming task, but by following these simple steps, we can help now to get a bit closer to a greener Earth. For a full listing of things you can do to help, by David Suzuki, click here.


  1. admin | May 6, 2011 at 8:55 pm

    Dr David Suzuki calls for action to protect the Gulf of St. Lawrence

    MAGDALEN ISLANDS, QC, May 5 /CNW Telbec/ – Last Saturday, Dr. David Suzuki, with Georges Stroumboulopoulos of CBC’s “The Hour” television show, Karel Mayrand, Executive Director of the David Suzuki Foundation in Quebec and Danielle Giroux of Attention FragÎles, joined a gathering of Islanders on Old Harry beach for a flag-raising ceremony for the protection of the Gulf of St. Lawrence against potential oil and gas spills.

    During the ceremony, Dr. Suzuki revealed a flag on a sea-blue background with a bright orange starfish at its centre, representing the Gulf’s many resources and the five provinces bordering it. Dr. Suzuki also initiated a vibrant call to action to protect the Gulf of St. Lawrence and its ecosystem and communities by reading a statement titled “The Declaration of the Defenders of the Saint-Lawrence.”

    Dr. Suzuki and Georges Stroumboulopoulos were at the Magdalen Islands to film a special online segment that will be posted on the CBC’s website in late May or early June. The main objective of the web segment is to raise Canadians’ awareness of the Gulf’s importance and the risks associated with oil and gas drilling.

    “The Gulf of St. Lawrence is one of the planet’s most precious and unique ecosystems,” declared Dr. Suzuki. “Nature cannot be forced to conform to human borders and economy. Instead, we must maintain its health and subordinate our interests to the gulf.”

    In order to educate the public about the interdependence between citizens and the St. Lawrence River, the David Suzuki Foundation launched a new campaign last month, “The St. Lawrence: Our Living River”. The campaign will offer individuals the opportunity to reconnect with the St. Lawrence River and Gulf by taking one or several of eight “David Suzuki Blue Actions” or by participating to an activity in their community on June 10th, the first-ever St. Lawrence Action Day.

    “A very strong current passed between Dr. Suzuki and the people of the Islands. His visit and his support provided a wave of hope to the people in the community, who must continue to mobilize our neighbours in the Atlantic Provinces to protect the Gulf of St. Lawrence and its precious and renewable resources,” commented Danielle Giroux, President of Attention FragÏles and spokesperson for the St. Lawrence Coalition.

    The public and coastal communities surrounding the Gulf can show their collective support to protect the Gulf by purchasing a miniature version of the symbolic flag that was hoisted on Old Harry Beach by Dr. Suzuki. As well, individuals are invited to send a letter to tell the government to protect the St. Lawrence Gulf from oil and gas development and to prevent disastrous spills.

    To view a web segment of the flag-raising ceremony and to watch Dr. Suzuki read the Declaration of the Defenders of the St. Lawrence Gulf, visit: http://www.davidsuzuki.org/issues/oceans/projects/saint-lawrence/help-us-protect-the-gulf-of-saint-lawrence/

    To send a letter to tell the government to protect the Gulf, visit: http://action.davidsuzuki.org/fr/st-laurent

    /NOTE TO PHOTO EDITORS: The photo accompanying this release is also available at http://photos.newswire.ca. Images are free to accredited members of the media/

    For further information:

    For more information on the “Our Living River” campaign, visit: http://www.davidsuzuki.org/fr/st-laurent

    For more information on the St. Lawrence Coalition, visit: http://www.coalitionsaintlaurent.ca/en/coalition

    To view the CBC’s web segment (available shortly) visit: http://www.cbc.ca/strombo/

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