Saving the Planet One Story at a Time
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Tomorrow is Earth Day! We want to know what you are doing to save the planet.

GreenHereos are everywhere; you could be our Earth Day GreenHero, just tell us what you’ve done on a past Earth Day and why the earth is so important to you.

What made you take action?

How have you showed the world that you were a GreenHero?

What is your story that is helping to save the planet?

Just leave us your entry in our comment section below and our director, producer and team of Green bloggers will choose choose a winner

The Greenest, most heroic story wins a GreenHeroes prize.


  1. Frederick W. Stoss, MS, MLS | April 21, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    I grew up in rural, Johnstown, New York. My “backyard” had farm fields old and new, wood lots, a trout stream or two, huge black berry patches, an abundance of wild things. I was a biology major at Hartwick College and took my first environmental class in 1969, an interdisciplinary offering, Man and the Environment. I went to the teachin-ins, and other campus celebrations of the first Earth Day, April 22nd, 1970. I added a graduate degree in zoology (aquatic ecology/ecotoxicology) to my dossier, worked as an environmental toxicologist for eight years and while working at the Syracuse Research Corporation’s Center for Chemical Hazard Assessment, obtained (almost by accident!) a Master of Library Science degree in the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. I have worked at the Center for Environmental Information (Director of Library and Information Services), the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Coordinator of Communications and Outreach and Task Leader for User Services), and currently at the University at Buffalo’s Art & Sciences Libraries (Associate Librarian for Biological Sciences, Geology and Mathematics). I have chaired the environmental divisions of the American Library Association (ALA) and the Special Libraries Association, worked with ALA developing and implementing their Libraries Build Sustainable Communities project, was trained by Al Gore and The Climate Project to present Mr. Gore’s climate change slide show that is the basis of his book and documentary film, “An Inconvenient Truth.” Tomorrow (4/22/2011) will be by 42nd Earth Day, and the release of my updated Guide:


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