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The Oceanic Preservation Society

Founded in 2005 by marine enthusiast Louie Psihoyos, The Colorado based Oceanic Preservation Society’s sole mission is to motivate people to help protect and sustain our oceans. Like GreeenHeroes, OPS uses film, images and media as a medium from which to motivate people into eco-action. OPS is the creator of Ric O’Barry‘s Oscar winning documentary The Cove. This film has won more than 70 awards worldwide and inspired many people to act to protect the earth’s oceans and its inhabitants, especially dolphins.

OPS is currently working on a new documentary entitled Signing Planet which focuses on the mass extinction of oceanic species. This alarming trend is coupled with raising levels of toxins in the see and wide-spread destruction of coral reefs. Reefs are large indicators for the overall health of a body of water and if they begin to disappear, the consequences could be far-reaching. Through this film, OPS is aiming to once agin spread the word about the danger our oceans face.

You can do your part, even in your everyday chores. Fishonline,org is a great tool for determining how to shop and consume fish and seafood in a responsible, sustainable manner. Brought to you by The Marine Conservation Society, this group works toward the same goals of preserving our oceanic resources. They make it easy for you to help, so make this your first step!


  1. Kath cooper | March 28, 2018 at 9:10 am

    Hi , please can you advise if I have made the right decision, I have donated £20 to a group of people called 4ocean they say they collect plastic from the ocean , but someone sent me a message saying this is a scam , have you heard of this charity , thankyou. K cooper

  2. Joan Prowse | April 3, 2018 at 11:59 am

    Hi Kath – Sorry for the delay in responding but I wanted to check with our social media manager. Here is her reply:
    Yes I have heard of them, young guy started this campaign. I put up a post a year ago. He sells bracelets to fund the ocean cleanup, Hard to raise the funds but he’s trying.
    They have a website as well if you want to learn more about them or contact them directly – https://4ocean.com/pages/our-story

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