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Thanks to Tzeporah Berman’s environmental pursuits, 65 million acres of endangered forest have been protected and companies like Staples and Victoria’s Secret have adopted more sustainable practices. As the Executive Director and co-founder of Power Up Canada, Berman also aims to effect change in federal government climate change policies and laws.

Power Up is a call to action for Canadian political leaders, urging them to take climate change seriously and demonstrate their commitment to fighting it. Power Up points out that Canada is behind other nations, like China and India, in terms of policies aimed at combating climate change, and asks that the federal government “prioritize efficiency, greenhouse gas reductions and building clean energy.” The campaign asks Canadian citizens to join in on the call to action, making it easy with a ready-made form and letter on their website.

The campaign has drawn support from Canadian celebrities like Margaret Atwood, Rachel McAdams, George Stroumboulopoulos and Neve Campbell, and is prominent enough to have warranted a “Green Carpet” gala in 2008. Staying true to the organization’s mission, the guests arrived at the Toronto event in rickshaws and alternative fuel vehicles.


  1. Crystal Spence | June 4, 2012 at 10:24 pm

    Today I was waiting in the holding area of radiation theraphy area and pick up Reader’s Digest and read about Tzeporah Berman,a remarkable woman who has done remarkable work. I have moved to our cottage home for good and I am from the country and trees have always been in my life. I grew up on trees, from the great oak at the beginning of our driveway, to old Dutch Elms, now gone and dog woods etc. My father is terminal and it hit me how we are all so connected spiritually and emotionally, physically by nature and how important trees are to substain life. I love what she stands for and with retirement looking at me, it has put some great thoughts in my mind as where I could make a difference for life . Thank-you and I will continue to follow Power Up.

  2. admin | June 7, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    You’re very welcome, Crystal. Thanks for letting us know how Tzeporah’s work has impacted you. We love telling inspiring stories about people who are really making a difference. Deepest sympathies about your father’s terminal illness.

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