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A high profile Victoria Secret ad was launched to convince the company to print its popular catalogues on recycled paper. Tzeporah used the creativity and catchy slogans of an advertising campaign to bring consumer attention to the purchasers of the forest products she sought to protect.

It was part of a strategy she developed with Greenpeace and later with ForestEthics, a company she co-founded. She would begin by “following the money” and contacting the company to begin a dialogue. If they failed to respond after several months of trying, out came the ads.

“Let your fingers do the chopping” was the slogan used to bring attention to Pacific Bell, who made their phone books out of old growth forests. “Victoria’s got a Dirty Secret” was the heading for this full-page ad that ran in the New York Times after Tzeporah learned Victoria Secret’s annual printing of one million catalogues came at the expense of old growth Boreal forests.

After Tzeporah spent six months trying to meet with them, the company instead chose to renew their contract with the paper company that used trees from the natural habitat of caribou and other endangered species. Tzeporah took action.

The ad caught the attention of Tom Katzenmeyer, then V.P. of Investment, Media, and Communication Relations at Limited Brands, owners of Victoria Secret. Tom had his “aha” moment, when the campaign spread to his own daughter’s bedroom. Seeing a poster of Tzeporah hanging on her wall, he finally relented, met with Tzeporah, and cancelled the contract. Today, the company uses recycled paper for all its catalogues.


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