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Loves sharks and wants you to too

Rob Stewart is the award-winning director of the multi-award winning feature documentary Sharkwater. The film, which challenges the age-old image of sharks as human-eaters, is helping to carve a new truth for sharks and elevate the reality of their plight to us all. Rob has brought attention to the urgent issue of declining shark populations worldwide. Since 1970 we have lost 90% of the planet’s sharks, owing to over-fishing sharks for shark fin soup and catching them as by-catch. Take Action now to help spread shark realities.

“If the public knew that we depend on the oceans for survival, yet we’re destroying them every day in unprecedented ways, they would take a stand, just as they spoke out for whales and for holes in the ozone layer.” – Rob Stewart, Sharkwater director, guest blogger

“Ordinary people have always made a difference and changed the world and that’s what it’s going to be in the future.”

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