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Do you enjoy shopping for designer or brand name clothing, but also want to make eco-friendly shopping choices?

If you’re in Toronto next week, you can do both at Shop Sustainable: An Eco Friendly Marketplace and Clothing Swap!

The event will be hosted by Fashion Takes Action, an organization that educates consumers and the fashion industry about sustainable fashion — a phrase that may seem paradoxical given the many environmental issues involved in the creation and disposal of clothing.

Shop Sustainable will take place on November 29, 2011 from 5 pm to 9 pm. Visit the Fashion Takes Action website for details.

Joan in Centre

Speaking of sustainable clothing, did you know that the GreenHeroes t-shirt is made from recyclable materials? It’s cute and comfortable too! Check out producer Joan Prowse and our GreenHeroes posing in our sustainable t-shirts!

Also, this week GreenHeroes became an official top ten finalist in the ClimateSpark Venture Challenge! Thanks so much to our fans whose support has helped us come so far! Stand by for updates on our position. In the meantime, check out our winning proposal.

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