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Earth Hour 24/7

So, you participated in Earth Hour last week. You want to go green every hour of every day, but you don’t know how and you think you can’t afford to.

Two of our GreenHeroes started organizations that provide green, inexpensive solutions to green issues you likely encounter every day without even knowing it from a leaky toilet to a low-pressure tire.

Stuart Hickox Photo courtesy of Devin Lund

Stuart Hickox started One Change, an organization that makes simple green changes accessible and raises awareness about how these can reduce your impact.

One Change programs include: This Blue Dot, a simple device that, when attached to your toilet, will let you know if your toilet is leaking; a fuel efficiency initiative that encourages drivers to check their tire pressure that, if low, uses a lot of fuel; and Project Porchlight, a campaign that motivates people to save energy by switching to CFL bulbs.

Tom Heintzman co-founded Bullfrog Power, a company that provides 100% green energy in Canada.

Bullfrog Power provides green electricity and green natural gas to businesses and residences. The company also recently teamed up with Chevrolet Canada to produce Canada’s first electric vehicle. It is free of emissions and uses renewable electricity.

The changes encouraged by One Change and Bullfrog power are not only inexpensive to put into action; they will actually save you money. And help the earth every hour.

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