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Bike Month

May is Bike Month and it’s a great opportunity to get involved with your cycling community. The City of Toronto and the Toronto Cyclists Union present Bike Month this year to promote cycling.

Defenceman for the Boston Bruins Andrew Ference, one of our GreenHeroes, has set a great example by cycling to work and advocating for this and other green action. We created the Pedal Power campaign to show you how you can get into cycling and help others get into it too.

Also, check out this blog post from our archives to learn about the benefits of cycling to your health and the environment and tips to cycle safely and comfortably.

Here’s an inspiring GreenHeroes guest post by the founder of Bike Train about his journey to give cyclists a place to store their bikes on trains.

How are you taking part in bike month? Cycling to work for a week? Buying a new bicycle? We’d love to hear from you! Please leave us a comment below this post or Tweet us at @GreenHeroesTV. You can use the #BikeMonth hashtag too, to further share your message.

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