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Last week, we had a great time filming Ontario Power Authority and Toronto Hydro’s participation in the Clean Air Commute for an upcoming episode for our television series on green transportation. These companies have done great work for the environment and we are proud to share their inspiring stories.

Clean Air Commute is an annual week-long event in which individuals take environmentally friendly modes of transportation to work. Many workplaces participated.

Together with local utilities, the OPA helps Ontarians better manage their energy use through its saveONenergy conservation programs – designed to help home owners and businesses across the province save energy, reduce their electricity costs, and reduce green house gases.  There are many initiatives offered, from removing old in-efficient appliances through the FRIDGE AND FREEZER PICK-UP to upgrading lighting systems through the SMALL BUSINESS LIGHTING incentive.

This year, 188 OPA staff members participated in the Clean Air Commute, contributing to 6.56 tonnes of avoided pollutants and travelling a total distance of 34, 467.79 km!

Here’s a fun picture of some OPA staff hamming it up for the camera during our shoot!

OPA employees From L-R, Mayuran Srikantha, Jon Feldman, Glenna Ford, Hezek Busheri

Toronto Hydro delivers efficient, environmentally responsible electricity to many businesses and residences in the city. One of its many green initiatives is an electric vehicle pilot program that facilitates charging options for participants.

192 Toronto Hydro staff participated in the Clean Air Commute this year!

Check out this fun picture of Toronto Hydro staff posing in one of the company’s cool green cars. Toronto Hydro has 10 hybrid vehicles and one electric car in its fleet of 153 introduced in 2011.

(top row): L to R: Tanya Bruckmueller-Wilson, Andrea Corkum, Jennifer Link (bottom row): Gillian Earle, Emma Sharpe.

As you will see when our film airs, Ontario Power Authority and Toronto Hydro demonstrate the teamwork and the community building that happens when people go green. We are very happy to have documented the Clean Air Commute with these environmentally responsible companies. Can’t wait to air this episode in 2013, so they can inspire you!

Speaking of inspiring stories, congratulations to Clean Air Partnership for winning our Clean Air Commute Twitter contest last week with this Tweet!:

CAP Tweeted us its amazing blog post about its staff member’s journey from Mississauga to Hamilton, chronicling the need for good cycling access and safety.  It’s a must-read for anyone interested in nature, cycling or good old fashioned road trip story. We will send him a GreenHeroes t-shirt made from 100% recycled fabric.

Stay tuned to our blog for more stories about our filming adventures and our inspiring subjects!

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