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Earlier this year, we told you about the Swim Guide application that informs users which beaches in Canada are safe for swimming.

Launched by Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, an organization founded by GreenHero Mark Mattson, Swim Guide has expanded to American beaches, with other Waterkeeper organizations participating. Alabama was added to the list just last month. Various cities in California, South Carolina and Pacific Northwest have also joined.

Seven years since its inception, 90 agencies that monitor around 1500 beaches every day in six provinces and 14 states are taking part this year!

Look at what can be accomplished when environmental groups join hands. Amazing! We will continue to follow Swim Guide’s progress.

Watch this video to see how Swim Guide works!

The usefulness of Swim Guide has been especially apparent in Toronto lately, where we have experienced record-breaking heat: 36.3 degrees celsius on July 4! Many other areas in Ontario have faced extreme heat and Toronto continues to be hot. Swimming at the beach is a great way to beat the heat.

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