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Sarah Harmer, musician, GreenHero and environmental activist, is sharing concern about the Harper government’s changes to an act that will limit protection of Canada waterways to those that are the busiest.

Photo Credit: Dustin Rabin

Sarah also showcased her talents at Foodstock, a fundraising event in protest of the proposed mega quarry that helped lead to the developer’s withdrawal to develop it. GreenHero David Suzuki also denounced the quarry.

PERL, or Protecting Escarpment Rural Land, the organization Sarah Harmer co-founded to protect Mount Nemo of the Niagara Escarpment from further development, recently won a hearing that denied an application to develop a new quarry there. We profiled Sarah Harmer’s work to protect an area of the escarpment, which is located quite literally in her childhood backyard, in our series. We’re so happy for and proud of her!

Sarah Harmer was former Toronto mayor and season 2 GreenHero David Miller’s guest on his live talk show called Occupy the Mic recently, a combination of  discussion, music and comedy.

Watch out for our video and campaign on David Miller, coming in 2013!

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