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It’s becoming more and more evident that our food and the way we eat directly effects the environment. Green Heroes Vandana Shiva and Leilani Munter have both contributed to the cause, creating different campaigns to encourage others to eat green and support sustainable eating habits. With Meatless March trending all over the social sphere, we wanted to give you some great tips on trying out the month-long project or even committing to Meatless Mondays. Meatless March sets the goal of taking on a local, vegetarian diet for the full month. Not only is this an experiment to try and eat like a vegetarian, this is also a means of helping our environment. Did you know that the United Nations found that 40% more greenhouse gas emissions come from industrial livestock than from all of the world’s cars, planes, ships, and trains combined? So we challenge you to participate in Meatless March for one day, one week, or even the whole month!

Here are some great tips and guidelines on becoming a vegetarian, and why it’s so important, from our friends at WWF Canada: http://community.wwf.ca/ActionDetail.cfm?ActionId=60

And here are some yummy recipe ideas from our pals at Green Living to make the vegetarian diet a little bit more “flavorful”: http://www.greenlivingonline.com/article/hearty-and-vegetarian-comfort-food

As our Green Hero Vandana says, “The funny thing is you can eat your way to conservation”.

Happy eating!

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