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Tomorrow is Earth Day! We want to know what you are doing to save the planet.

GreenHereos are everywhere; you could be our Earth Day GreenHero, just tell us what you’ve done on a past Earth Day and why the earth is so important to you.

What made you take action?

How have you showed the world that you were a GreenHero?

What is your story that is helping to save the planet?

Just leave us your entry in our comment section below and our director, producer and team of Green bloggers will choose choose a winner

The Greenest, most heroic story wins a GreenHeroes prize.

This Sunday at the Green Living Show, Green Heroes announced their new winner, Mary Gorman. Driven by her love for the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Mary has fought to prevent oil and gas development in the area, after the Canada-Nova Scotia Petroleum Board issued two leases for oil and gas development on both sides of Cape Breton Island.

From left to right: Gretchen Fitzgerald, Sierra Club of Canada, Jason Priestley, Mary Gorman, Save Our Seas and Shores Coalition. Photo Credit: Ruby Tree Film

Mary’s 12 year battle to protect the thousands of marine species in the Gulf and the Acadian, Gaelic and Aboriginal communities that surround it has required every ounce of her passion and dedication to the cause. She has involved fishermen, First Nations leaders,  several environmental organizations and more recently public figures like Jason Priestley to bring awareness and protect the Gulph. Taking the BP Oil spill into account, we must be aware of the threat that this might represent for our land.

Despite obstacles, Mary has managed to get the two shoreline leases for offshore oil and gas at Cape Breton withdrawn. As a Grand Prize winner, Mary and her drive to protect the Gulf of St. Lawrence will be featured on the next season of TVO’s Green Heroes series. When called to the stage, a truly passionate voice took over the mic, urging us all to take a look at the situation and join her cause for the protection of our country’s environment. Mary’s heart-felt gratitude and unwavering determination were written all over her words.

GreenHeroes is participating at The Green Living Show this weekend
April 15-17 at The Direct Energy Centre in Toronto. This is the largest consumer
show in Canada, attracting over 25,000 visitors each year. There are hundreds of
other exhibitors to see, after you’ve come by GreenHereos of course. So come learn
about easy, workable, and enjoyable solutions to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

We will be at our booth (#337) Friday the 15th (10 a.m.-10 p.m.), Saturday the
16th (10 a.m.- 10 p.m.), and Sunday the 17th (10.am. -6 p.m.) along with some
of our very own GreenHeroes. You can drop by and Nominate a GreenHero in
our ‘Director’s Corner’, tell us who you know that is making a difference.

Watch our webisodes on the main screen or attend some of the many other
great events. Our own GreenHero Emily Hunter will be there speaking at the
youth forum Friday at 11:30. From 1-2 p.m. she will be in our booth greeting
people and signing copies of her new book “The Next Eco-Warriors”.

We will be announcing our next GreenHero contest winner on stage! Come
hear the announcement live Sunday at 1:30 p.m. and find out who our champion
GreenHeroes is as selected by our jury members and who will appear in our next
season of GreenHeroes webisodes.

Watch GreenHeroes on TVO Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 4:30 p.m.
Or see video profiles of our 24 heroes at our website at www.greenheroes.tv

By Joan Prowse, Producer/Director, GreenHeroes At last year’s Banff World Television Awards dinner  held on Tuesday June 15, I was honoured to sit at the same table with two Green Heroes, David Suzuki and Louie Psihoyos, Oscar winning director of The Cove.

Director Louie Psihoyos, winner of Banff Green Personality Award with jury chair, David Suzuki

I was there as a member of the jury for the Green Awards. The jury, led by David Suzuki, was asked to award TWO Green Grand Prizes, one for a television program and one for a Personality, called the “David Suzuki Environmental Media Award,” that recognizes outstanding professional and/or personal achievements in raising public awareness and understanding of environmental issues through the visual media. It was a fantastic show that also included awards to Star Trek’s William Shatner, Eric McCormack of Will and Grace, and Ricky Gervais, from The Office (who I was sitting beside). After the awards, I went out for dinner with Louie Psihoyos (who received the Green Personality Award) to talk about his organization, The Ocean Preservation Society, The Cove and his next movie (which he plans to shoot in 3D.) Louie’s credo makes him a true Green Hero. He sees his movies as creating a movement of “Mass Construction”. His goal is to inspire people to create change and get involved. An acclaimed still photographer, he had never shot a frame of moving picture before he left for Taiji, Japan to film The Cove.

Louie took a three day crash course in video production – and began a four year odyssey to make a movie that has definitely hit its mark – crashing computer systems of government departments around the world as viewers write in to voice their opposition to policies that support the commercial capture and slaughter of dolphins.

Watch for our upcoming Green Heroes webisode on The Cove and its star Ric O’Barry, when GreenHeroes.tv launches in mid-July.

On a related note, CineFocus Canada was nominated in the international pilots competition for Green Heroes and was a finalist in the Digital Hot List category at the nextMEDIA Banff International Pilots and New Media Awards that were held the following day in Banff.

Tonight on TVO our first season of GreenHeroes is being rebroadcast starting at 7:30 p.m. This will be repeated Saturday at 4:30 p.m. We begin with episode one; Saving Species.

This stars Ric O’Barry star of the Academy Award Winning documentary The Cove. Ric started out as a dolphin trainer but when TV’s beloved Flipper committed suicide in his arms he dedicated his life to fighting against dolphin captivity and slaughter.

Also featuring Jane Goodall, the world’s most famous primatologist and one of its most famous conservationists. Back in 1960 in Tanzania, Jane discovered that chimpanzees fashioned tools to forage for food – forever blurring the line between animal and human. Up until that point anthropologists had defined man as ‘the toolmaker’. Dr. Goodall went on to fight for conservation of chimpanzee habitats and for the preservation of all endangered species. The Jane Goodall Institute promotes youth activism with its Roots and Shoots program.

William Lishman appears as well. William is the ultralight pioneer and inspiration for the Hollywood movie Fly Away Home. Bill had an epiphany whilst flying amongst a flock of geese, which led to a solution for migratory birds that he has now applied to endangered species, like the whooping crane.

Rob Stewart is the award-winning director of Sharkwater. This paradigm-shifting doc challenges the age-old image of sharks as villains and explains their importance to the planet and to our own survival.

Episode 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 follow subsequent Tuesdays and Sundays. Tune and and find out how these folks ventured forth in the name of the planet.

Small, simple changes can make a big difference if we all chip in. Just like another one of our GreenHereos Stuart Hickox, David Suzuki has some great suggestions about how many little acts can change the world.

How to:

Go Green in your Workplace

Getting to and from work for many of us means taking the car everyday, just think of the inefficiency! One person per car is hardly a ride worth taking. Tune up your bike now that the weather is getting warmer, take the bus or even start a carpool with your office mates who live near by. Why not use Facebook or your internal listserve to get people living close together riding together.

The next time you have a lunch or dinner meeting or any kind of catered event, try the “locavore” approach and choose foods that are grown locally and sustainably. There are all sorts of great resources out there for eating what’s local; blogs like this one or this Vancouver based one are an easy way to find out what’s new near you. It’s just a click away – what’s local to you?

Save resources by:
-Plugging any equipment into a power bar and turning it off until needed.
-Set ‘double sided’ as the default setting on your printer.
-Go electronic instead of using hard copies: phone and email, use overheads and power point presentations, get e-subscriptions, and use web resources.
-Use extra water to water plants, don’t simply toss it down the drain.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Another one of our GreenHeroes, Ian Clifford has created the Zenn Motor Company, for those who wish to invest in a hybrid car. David Suzuki urges those who wish to travel, to try and reduce airplane flights as much as possible. In the case of a vacation, you can try re-visiting your own city or traveling by bus or train instead. Flying economy allows more passenger space, and flying directly means less take-off/landing fuel. As for day-to-day transportation, now that Spring’s in the air, get your bikes off the rack or try walking to work or school.

Energy saving appliances can be acquired both for the office and home. LEDs promise a longer lasting bulb. They are still more expensive than regular bulbs, but a new generation of high efficiency incandescent bulbs is in the making. The best way to save energy to date (by over 75%) are Compact fluorescent bulbs.

Energy Saving Light Bulb

Composting might seem like an arduous task, but just like recycling, the moment you start, it easily becomes a routine. When it comes to food, buy local, buy organic.

Making a change that impacts our planet might seem like an overwhelming task, but by following these simple steps, we can help now to get a bit closer to a greener Earth. For a full listing of things you can do to help, by David Suzuki, click here.

GreenHeroes is launching an on-line radio station tomorrow! For full details see www.mediazoic.com and our previous post. Check out our Joan Prowse chatting with Mediazoic’s Greg Nisbet about the connection between music and eco-activism.

GreenHeroes has gathered together several of our contributing artists and has created our very own GreenHeroes on-line radio station.
Tune in as of April 1st and listened to musicians tell us about what inspires them to make the music they do, why they are passionate about the planet and how they are connected with GreenHeroes. There will be tons of great tunes playing alongside the musician’s commentary. Come along to the launch party tonight and get a preview of some of the performers with whom we’ve partnered.

Launch Details:
At 9 p.m., Revival opens its doors to the public to celebrate Mediazoic’s launch and host our own awards show – The Zoics – all live-streamed to the Internet!
Click here for details or:

Hope to see you there!
Yours in music,
The Mediazoic and GreenHeroes Team

Emmanuel Jal is a former boy soldier from Sudan who has chosen music as a path to make his footprint in the world. After his Toronto performance at Super Market (268 Augusta Ave.) during Canada Music Week, GreenHeroes got a chance to meet with him briefly to hear more about his current journey.

Emmanuel Jal's performance at Super Market, March 12th, 2011. Photo Credit: Elisa L. Iannacone

“The war tore my people, so I can never change my history, but I can use my experience to try to educate young people so that they can change the past mistakes and act now to change the future. (…) I’m an entertainer, but an entertainer with responsibility.” His work, though strongly geared towards peace, is also a call for humanity to take a stance for Earth. Emmanuel Jal has witnessed the destruction of people, and urges us to realize that ‘environment’ is also ‘people’. “The worst people on Earth are not the people who commit the crime, are not the people who pollute the environment, but are the people who sit down and watch it happen.”

Emmanuel Jal on stage. Photo credit: Elisa L. Iannacone

Below is a transcription of a few of the things that Emmanuel mentioned during our interview. Click on the audio link to listen to him speak as you read along.

“A lot of things are happening. There’s issues about wars, there is starvation, there is education, there’s environment crisis now, the world is speaking to us. The world is talking. The Earth is shaking. There’s flooding, there’s famine, you know? Seasons are confused. 90 million tons of CO2 are pumped into the air, every day, and people don’t know the side effects that it creates for the environment.

Like, we are 7 billion people now, and around 2 billion people live comfortably. So the other 4.something billion are probably living on less than dollar-a-day. We’re running out of resources. So if you live according to the standard of England, then only 3 billion people can enjoy the resources. You know, if we live to the standards of India then we can have 15 billion people. We have one part of the world like America. So, the whole world is crumbling because they want to live to the standard of the West. If we try to live to the standard of the West, the resources are not enough, because the Earth cannot sustain that number of people. You see all the wars and all of these things have a side effect.

Environment is not just pollution. It’s also the people, the living things. People are getting killed in Darfour and everywhere; we’re all part of the environment. The worst people on Earth are not the people who commit the crime, are not the people who pollute the environment, but are the people who sit down and watch it happen; because every human being has the power to change. You don’t have to go far, begin with yourself, begin within yourself, what are you doing? You can’t wait for the government to fix it. You need to start fixing it.

You know, if you’re really concerned about the environment, then try to save money and buy a car that is a hybrid. If you care about fair trade, then look for fair trade products and buy them. You see like, if we look at it in terms of genocide, we are intertwined into it. Sometimes you can wear a T-shirt; you don’t know where the ink came from. Or where the cotton came from. You can wear gold or diamond; you don’t know where that diamond came from. Sometimes you don’t know where that fuel comes from, in Sudan we’ve got genocide, Libya-crisis. So all we have to do is take a measure. Slowly by slowly we can make the world a better place. We’re in better times now compared to 60 years ago because we’ve got the Internet—the people’s power. Probably, it was set up for control, but now, the people can use that to make change.”


Visit Emmanuel Jal’s Website for videos, news, releases and social media contact:


For information on GUA Africa, founded by Emmanuel Jal, go to:


Sarah Harmer, the GreenHero from our ‘In My Backyard’ campaign and one of our favourite Canadian Green musicians has been busy.

This year, Sarah’s album Oh Little Fire is nominated for 3 Juno Awards; Adult Alternative Album of the Year, Producer of the Year and Recording Engineer of the Year.

In one of our previous webisodes, we profiled Sarah’s tireless work to raise awareness about the problems facing the Niagara Escarpment.

This UNESCO Heritage Site is home to numerous species and trees that are as old as 1000 years. As we highlighted, Sarah is co-founder of PERL (Protecting Escarpment Rural Land) and lends her energy to this cause which is close to her heart.

The Niagara Escarpment

Her film on the same subject has received great acclaim and she continues to speak for this beautiful natural resource.

This film, entitled “Escarpment Blues” is being played at TIFF Thursday March 24th as part of the 40th Anniversary celebrations of the JUNO Awards in Toronto. For more info regarding this screening click here. Go check it out and get involved!

Listen to her song of the same name below: