Change Gear

Does your wardrobe bore you? Frocks don’t rock anymore? Swap the lot!

You never know what you’ll find at a clothing swap!

Clothing swaps first took off in San Francisco in the late 90’s. They quickly grew in popularity and now most cities have them. They are the eco-friendly, trendy way to get a new closet for the grand total of zero dollars.

So how does it work? Swaps are often times more than just about the clothes, they’re also about socializing. So get a group together, everyone brings their unwanted items (anything from shoes to bags to coats), sort the items and let the swapping begin!

In Canada, The SWAP Team organizes events and whatever doesn’t get picked up goes to charities. You can do the same!

So here’s your chance to become the local eco-fashionista. Host a swap, pick a charity to benefit and tell us about your event on our GreenHeroes Facebook page!