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About 'Carmanah Contrasts'?

The picture “Carmanah Contrasts” was painted in the 1989 by Robert Bateman as part of a protest to save this incredible section of Temperate Rain Forest from the saw.  The Caramanah Valley is home to some of  the world’s largest  trees. Protesters chained themselves to some of these while camped out in “porta ledges” at heights of over 50 m.

The painting project was part of a movement that succeeded in stopping logging in this area and the province created Carmanah Pacific Provincial Park in 1990.

The tallest tree in Canada grows in this park. Which kind of tree do you think it is?

Canada’s tallest tree, the Carmanah Giant, at 95.836 m (314 ft), lives here along the lower reaches of Carmanah Creek. Some of the trees in the area are 1,000 years old.