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Cellphone Heaven

Your cellphone gave you many hours of chatting splendour with friends and family. Now it’s time to say “So Long!” but not “Good bye!”.

Your old cellphone still has a second life in it and even monetary value you may not be aware of so don’t toss it in the trash. Donate it to a charitable organization, recycle it or trade it in for some cash!

Give it to Charity

Giving your old cellphone to a charity can make a huge difference for the organization. They use donated cellphones in various ways. Some re-purpose the cellphones for people who are in serious need of them, some sell them to a third party to raise money.

Amnesty international makes the process simple. They send you a mailing label. All you have to do is send!

Recycle It

Diverting your cellphone from the landfill is easier than ever and can make a huge impact on the environment. Drop off boxes can be found in libraries across the country and other designated locations are easily found online. There is even a cellphone drop box at the Toronto Zoo.

Recycle my cell (www.recyclemycell.ca) is true to its name. On their website they offer great tips on preparing you cellphone for recycling and provide drop off locations based on your postal code. CellCycle (www.cellcycle.ca) offers a comprehensive service, giving you the ability to sell you phone or mail it in (at no cost to you) for recycling.

Return it

You can now find prepaid envelopes in most wireless stores allowing you to easily dispose of your old cellphone in a responsible way. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Whether you chose to donate, recycle or sell your old cellphone the impact can be extremely significant to people and planet as millions of cellphones are simply thrown away every year.