Does the Shoe Fit?

Choosing the right pair of running shoes to kick off your routine can be confusing. There are countless arches, widths, and types to choose from (even the five-finger shoe) but choosing the right runners for you can prevent injuries to your feet, ankles, legs, and back. So make sure you do some research and buy a running shoe suited to your foot type.

Want to find out what kind of foot you have? Take the “Wet Foot” test and find out!

Wet the bottom of your foot and step on a blank piece of paper to create a wet footprint. If you can see about half of your arch (the middle of your foot) then you have normal arch support and you should buy running shoes that provide you with stability. If you can see a print of your entire foot, you have likely have flat feet and need a shoe that gives you motion control.

If your print only shows your heel and the tips of your feet, that means you have a high-arched foot and the best shoe for you is one with cushioning and extra support.

So get out there and start using your sneakers!