Electric Cars

An early electric car

The first electric bike was demonstrated in 1867, and a battery-powered three-wheeler was built in 1881, but it was in 1888 that the first practical electric car was built, in Germany. Electric cars were more popular than gasoline engines in those days. People liked their quietness, reliability and lack of pollution. The first car to hit 100 kilometres an hour was an electric vehicle in 1899.

But the combustion engine made a comeback in the early 20th century and when Henry Ford started mass-producing the gasoline-powered Model T it was game over for the electric car… at least for a while.

Gas stations started appearing on every corner, making it far more convenient to own a gas-burning car and not much research went into electric cars for many decades.

But electric vehicles have started making a comeback. Hybrids use a gasoline engine as backup, which supports battery-powered cars as they have a limited range. Lots of companies are doing exciting research into improving battery life and charging time.

The day of the electric car may be coming soon!