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Sarah Elton

Green Hero Sarah Elton is a food journalist, author and self-described locavore. She completely transformed the way she looks at food after uncovering the origins of her daughter’s cookie (China) and began researching the Locavore theory, ultimately leading to the development of her national best seller, “Locavore: From Farmers’ Fields to Rooftop Gardens, How Canadians Are Changing the Way We Eat”.

There are many “fads” in the Locavore movement, so Sarah gave us some great guidelines to follow for making the transition to supporting local, sustainable food as easy as possible!

1. Shop from local farmers. Buy local, small scale and organic. I buy from farmers who I know are enriching their soils and treating their animals well.

2. buy sustainable and humanely raised livestock – organic sustainable chicken costs a lot more money than one I can get at the grocery store wrapped in cellophane, but we don’t need to have chicken every day.

3. Cook from scratch; that’s been another part of trying to eat more locally and sustainably. We don’t eat packaged and processed foods.

4. When you go to the supermarket you can look for the LFP (Local Food Plus) logo on food so that as a consumer you know you’re supporting a local and sustainable food system.