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Mega No to Mega Quarry

What has now become known as the infamous “Mega Quarry” began as a proposal by The Highland Companies with the goal of removing over eight billion dollars worth of limestone after developing Canada’s largest open pit mine only 100km from Toronto and within The Escarpment.

Does this...

...belong here?

The Escarpment is home to more than 350 bird species, 53 mammals, 36 reptiles and amphibians, 90 fish, and 400 varieties of plants, including 109 threatened or endangered species. With a threat to the drinking water for more than 1 million people and a deep concern for all surrounding forestry and wildlife, it was time for the true GreenHeroes to save the day!

Multiple protests, organizations and awareness campaigns were created to develop awareness and concern for all those impacted by this proposal. GreenHeroes Sarah Harmer, Chef Jamie Kennedy and Michael Stadtländer, all contributed to making a difference…And the result? The Mega Quarry proposal was officially denied in 2012!