Let’s Save Some Water!

Did you know less than 1% of all the water on Earth is accessible to us? The rest is salt water or permanently frozen, meaning we can’t drink it, bathe with it, or use it to water plants. Therefore, as our population grows, it is important that we use water wisely. It is a limited resource that we need to protect.

You can start conserving water right in your own home. Here are three places to start making a difference!

1. Bathroom

Installing a water-saving showerhead is easy and great on your water bill. All new fixtures use approximately 2.5 gallons per minute (older heads can use up to 10 gallons per minute!). Another way you can save water is by converting your toilet to low flow by installing an adjustable flapper (this controls how much water flows into the toilet when it’s flushed and can save up to three gallons per flush). You can also install a tank bag (this is filled with water and hangs in your toilet tank displacing some water and reducing the amount needed to refill the tank after each flush). You can also install a fill cycle diverter (it’s a small piece that connects to the fill line and overflow tube. Water is diverted back to the tank where it can be put to use).

2. Kitchen

Avoid running water when washing dishes. Instead, rinse dishes and food in a water-filled basin. Don’t forget to water your plants using the leftover rinse water! Also consider buying a high efficiency dishwasher to save water and energy.

3. Laundry

When washing clothes, do only full loads. This saves water by maximizing on water usage. If you have a single garment, wash it by hand. Also, choose detergents that don’t require an extra rinse.

Now you’re all set to start saving water! Where will you start first?