Birdhouse Bonanza!

Making your own birdhouse is a hoot. Not only will it draw some feathered friends to your feeder but it’s such an excellent way to re-purpose a juice or milk carton!

You will need:

1. An empty milk or juice carton
2. Masking tape
3. Scissors or precision knife (to be used by an adult)
4. Screwdriver or awl (to be used by an adult)
5. Stapler
6. Paint or shoe polish
7. Brush or rag
8. Twig or small branch
9. Twine
10. Bird seeds!


1. Wash and dry the carton.

2. If the carton has a hole at the top close with with a stapler or glue the opening shut. If it has a screw top, open it! (this is for the birds to have

3. Cover the carton with masking tape (to protect it from the elements).

4. Coat the birdhouse with shoe polish by dabbing it with a rag until it is completely covered (this will make it waterproof and give it an awesome finish).

5. Cut a circle on the front of the carton, three quarters of the way up and 1- 1 ½ inches in diameter.

6. Make two small holes in the sides of the carton and stick the twig through it.

7. Using an awl or a screwdriver create holes at the bottom of the carton for drainage. Also create holes at the top of the carton for the birds to have air.

8. Create a hole thorough the very top of the house and put some twine through it.

Congratulations on completing your very own birdhouse! Now place some seeds into it, hang outside and watch the birds come from far and wide.