Pollution Probe and the Clean Air Commute

Some people sit idle in their idling cars, but not Pollution Probe (one of Canada’s oldest environmental groups). They created a friendly competition called The Clean Air Commute, encouraging companies and organizations to sign up and get their employees to commute in an eco-friendly way.

For one week, people could walk, bike, carpool, vanpool, or take public transit.

Surprise, surprise, the competition was a great success. People loved it so much that some participants added clever new forms of zero-emission commuting, such as rollerblading and canoeing.

After the competition ended many participants continued with their new habits and 20 years later, the Clean Air Commute is still growing.

So are you sold on trying it out? Encourage your workplace to get involved and sign up online. And if you can’t wait for the competition to begin, start now!