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Acting on an Idea

Willa Black: Green Action Hero

You don’t need to do the big, huge monumental thing. You just need to do more of them and build them into your daily life.
– Willa Black


Imagine the changes we could see in the world if every person acted on their ideas. For Cisco businesswoman Willa Black, acting on her idea led to over a million changes; one million acts of green to be exact. Willa is the mastermind of the popular One Million Acts of Green campaign.

With CBC’s The Hour and its host George Stroumboulopoulos, the campaign took off inspiring Canadians to record one million acts of environmental good in a record few months.

Acting on the principle of Corporate Social Responsibility, Willa turned a marketing challenge into a green opportunity, resulting in over 4 million acts of green committed, and bringing about monumental change.

Promotional Video Footage courtesy of One Million Acts of Green
Music by Donna Britton

What You Can Do

• Green your workplace and invite a David Suzuki Foundation ambassador to help bring your colleagues on board

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