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The Art of Change

David Buckland:
Artist in Residence

Green Heroes – David Buckland Webisode from Green Heroes.

I celebrate the human animal – he is the most inventive, brilliant, fantastic animal out, but there is a byproduct and the byproduct is we are overheating our planet. – David Buckland


As an environmental artist, David Buckland is luminary.

Launching Cape Farewell, an expedition initiative, he’s brought scientists and artists together to travel to exotic destinations with an effort to bring attention to the effects of climate change.

To date, Cape Farewell has led expeditions to the Arctic, Greenland and Baffin Island, the Andes and Scotland’s Islands (to name a few) and the project has attracted over 140 artists, including musicians Feist and KT Tunstall and author Ian McEwan.

The creative works that emerge out of the project are thought-provoking and inspiring a much-needed dialogue about climate change. Ian McEwan’s book, Solar, brought international attention to Cape Farewell’s mission.

A documentary, The Culture Show, and a BBC film, Art from the Arctic, have been made about the project. Art resulting from the incredible journeys have been shown at the Natural History Museum, London, the Liverpool Biennial and the Sage Gateshead, Newcastle.

Carbon 14: Climate is Culture, produced by Cape Farewell North America in partnership with Royal Ontario Museum Contemporary Culture, is on at the ROM until February the 2nd, providing you with an incredible opportunity to experience the artistic fruits of these amazing collaborations for yourself.

Footage courtesy David Buckland. Music by Chris Birkett courtesy of 2Mounties Media.

What You Can Do

• Visit a Cape Farewell exhibit – Carbon 14 is open until February 2, 2014 at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto

• Explore Cape Farewell’s Learning Resources

• Switch to Green Energy in Canada and the UK

• Play a part in changing the world: Join the Green Heroes™ Academy to take quizzes, complete dares, and make your own eco-art

Other Resources

• More links to effect change

• Discover the science of Climate Change

• Earth Justice

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