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Mark Mattson: WaterKeeper

The nature of water is that it should be clean, drinkable, accessible, fishable, swimmable.
– Mark Mattson


Mark Mattson has used his background in criminal law to successfully run Lake Ontario Waterkeepers since 2001. Their goal is to promote “Swimable, drinkable and fishable water”. Since then, he has gained a reputation as a dedicated environmental warrior who aims to bring meaning and force to environmental laws everywhere.

Mark is also the proud founder of the volunteer-based Environmental Bureau of Investigation, dedicated to identifying and prosecuting environmental offenders.

He is a great example of how any skill set, coupled with the right amount of passion and dedication, can be used to help the environment and make a real difference. Mark works in conjunction with others who use their skills to raise environmental awareness and provoke action. He has worked with some of our own Green Heroes eco-artists such as Bruce CockburnSarah Harmer and Gord Downie. Mark has also worked with hit-maker Broken Social Scene along with many more well-known names through Waterkeeper’s Swim, Drink, Fish Music project.

Be Creative written by Chris Birkett courtesy 2Mounties Media

What You Can Do

• Why not locate your local chapter of Waterkeepers and find out how you can advocate for the health of your local environment.

• Become an agent of change and join The E.B.I. – The Environmental Bureau of Investigation works to improve the efficacy and application of environmental laws. Join today to help Mark protect the environment!

• Enjoy some good music for a great cause with Waterkeeper’s Swim, Drink, Fish Music project.

Other Resources


• Get this short pamphlet and inform yourself about the dangers of bottled water and the harm it is doing to our lakes and water sources. There are several great suggestions about how to take action in your school, your home and there are even suggestions about how to contact your local MP.

Spread the Word

• See what new projects @LOWaterkeeper is pursuing on Twitter.

• Lake Ontario Waterkeeper’s Facebook page will help keep you informed.

• Check the beach quality near you  www.swimguide.org. Download the app and share with your friends.

Join Green Heroes™ Academy


A single act, done by many, makes a big difference. Join the Green Heroes™ Academy  to discover green acts that are fun to do and that earn you points on your way to becoming a Green Hero too!

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