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Documenting Reality

Jennifer Baichwal: Green Engagement

There’s so many things that I find in the world that are compelling…Questions that I want to respond to, issues that I want to explore, problems that I want to figure out. And somehow documentary is this incredibly elastic medium that allows you to reflect on and engage on things that are happening in the real world in a way that is creative and I think there is no better combination for me

– Jennifer Baichwal from the NFB documentary Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary


Jennifer Baichwal has made a name for herself as one of Canada’s most acclaimed documentary filmmakers. Her films, with long-time partner Nicholas de Pencier, often express themselves non-didactically, leaving the viewer to contemplate new realities that may have previously been unrealized. Thereby allowing the audience to seek out a new consciousness through the questions proposed in the film. As presented in Manufactured Landscapes, the problems surrounding the environmental crisis are complex and can not be solved with a single solution, but will require everyone living in the modern/technological age to reanalyze their lifestyles.

Jennifer Baichwal and Edward Burtynsky have since collaborated on their second project, Watermark. A film that contemplates humanity’s complex relationship with water, looking at its industrial uses from the minuscule to its most macroscopic of levels.


Music written by Chris Birkett courtesy 2Mounties Media Inc.
Manufactured Landscapes footage and crew still courtesy Mercury Films Inc.
Edward Burtynsky photographs: Metivier Gallery, Toronto/Greenberg & Wolkowitz, New York

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