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Shaun Majumder: Building Rural Sustainability

“I think leading by example is probably the best way that anybody can make an impact and make change happen…everybody out there can do something.”
– Shaun Majumder


Shaun Majumder is best known to Canadians through shows such as Just for Laughs, 24, Republic of Doyle, the Firm, and most notably, This hour has 22 minutes. But Shaun’s latest project, documented in the television series Majumder Manor, presents an inspiring side of the funnyman as he battles to build an eco-lux lodge in his hometown of Burlington, Newfoundland.

Growing up in rural Burlington, Shaun experienced a strong connection to the beautiful, rugged landscape. Though he’s since moved to Los Angeles, his connection remains unruffled – sparking Majumder Manor, with an aim to encourage sustainable economic business while positively impacting local tourism and agriculture in his beloved town.

Majumder Manor will be a 4-5 room, modern, upscale, fully sustainable, boutique Eco-lux Inn attracting travelers that want to experience breathtaking nature while connecting with the fishing and farming roots of the community.

Though the comedian’s sustainable society project is no doubt a big undertaking, he’s acquiring some new fans in the process!

• Music by Chris Birkett
• Footage courtesy Take the Shot Productions
• Pictures from The Gathering


What You Can Do

Join the Green Heroes Academy and challenge your friends and family by taking the David Suzuki 30×30 challenge in our Back to Nature Mission!

Learn more about what the Land Food People Foundation is doing to promote sustainable agricultural practices. You can also donate and help local farmers use more environmentally friendly methods.

Want to take part in helping to feed and nourish your local community? Volunteer your time to Not Far From the Tree and put your tree picking skills to good use.

Other Resources

To get involved in the east coast initiative to bring tourism to Shaun’s home town visit The Gathering.

See what the Globe and Mail has to say about Shaun’s project.

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