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Farley Mowat: Canadian author and icon

We must be hopeful. But the hope lies probably in the fact that we are only one form of life, one species out of millions. And although we think we are supreme, we think we are God’s gift to the universe; although this is what we think, it’s not true. We are only one of millions. – Farley Mowat


Farley Mowat is a Canadian who understands the beauty of his country and has witnessed its slow depletion. He has devoted his life to steering humanity in the right direction as a writer and naturalist. The subject of his books such as Never Cry Wolf, Sea of Slaughter and A Whale for the Killing are often in defence of the natural world and speak for an affinity with animate life.

Now, more than 90 years old, he continues to oppose the forces that are destroying the face of the country he calls home. His experience in the Second World War opened his eyes to the destructive nature of mankind. Upon his return home, Farley decided to devote his writing to counteract this negative quality by casting light on a brighter future.

Farley has been met with much resistance through his controversial works, but equally praised. He has won many sought after awards, including the Governor General’s Award (Lost in the Barrens), the Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Medal, the Steven Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour, and a Genie award for his documentary script The New North. Farley was made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1981 and in 2010, received a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame.

Currently, Farley supports the Nova Scotia Nature Trust to preserve precious land for the future. He is also battling a proposal for off-shore oil exploration in the Gulf of St. Lawrence working toward a respect for life, in all its diversity, and says this is more important than the extraction of oil in an ecologically sensitive area.


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What You Can Do

• Speak to your family and friends about the hazards of drilling in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

• Support a Nature Conservancy near you, and help preserve the environment and the life within it.

• Join the Green Heroes Academy and take on the Saving Oceans mission to learn about our water resources, and discover more from Green Heroes like Farley Mowat.

Other Resources

• Read Farley’s books and spread the word about them

• Read this article about Farley and the Gulf of St. Lawrence

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