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From Boycotts to Boardrooms

Tzeporah Berman: Clayoquot Hero

I had never been to a protest in my life. And,  I ended up coordinating the blockades in 1993. It became the largest civil disobedience action in Canada’s history…It was a real tipping point in Canada for environmental issues. – Tzeporah Berman


Tzeporah Berman was a teenage art student studying in Europe when she first became aware of environmental degradation – pollution eroding ancient ruins in Greece and huge forests decimated in Germany.  Tzeporah returned to Canada to find deforestation also taking place in BC rainforests she had previously not known existed.

Tzeporah spurred a movement that ended clear-cutting in Clayoquot Sound.  She is the co-founder of ForestEthics (now Stand.earth) who took on behemoths like MacMillan Bloedel, Staples and Victoria Secret.   Never afraid of a fight, or controversy, Tzeporah continues to work with big companies and governmental bodies serving on the British Columbia Government’s Climate Leadership Team in 2015 and the Alberta Government’s Oil Sands Advisory Group in 2016. In 2011 she released her book, This Crazy Time: Living Our Environmental Challenge .

Forest footage courtesy of CBC and Greenpeace
Music by Buffy Sainte-Marie

What You Can Do

• Read Tzeporah’s article in The Globe and Mail as she reflects on environmental activism then and now.

• Encourage other coffee companies to “meet or beat” Starbuck’s commitment to recycled coffee cups. Join the #BetterCup campaign.

• Join the Greenpeace: Protect the Forests campaign to stop the illegal logging of ancient forests and protect the rights of the indigenous people and species who rely on them.

• Plant a tree to breathe easier! There are local “plant a tree” organizations that help people improve their gardens and green space. Just one plant begins the part of a larger change.

Spread the Word

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