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Frank Stronach: Autoparts Billionaire

We all breathe the same air, we all drink the same water. So we have to be very conscientious about the way we do things in business. And so we constantly have to look for newer ways how to make it better for the environment.
Frank Stronach


Cars, bicycles, and boats will all be electric one day, if Green Hero Frank Stronach has anything to say about it. Electric bicycles are the beginning of a solution to problems such as highway traffic congestion, high fuel prices, and global warming.

The self-made billionaire believes that it is our responsibility, as humans living on this planet, to make sustainability the key to every endeavor we take. His automotive parts company, Magna International Inc., is a leader in developing new products that ultimately reduce the overall impact automobiles have on the environment, and Frank has used that expertise to expand into other areas of transportation.

In 2008, Frank invested millions of his own money and partnered with colleague Manfred Gingl to start BionX, a product line of bikes and recreational vehicles, including pedal boats, that combine human “pedal power” with an electric proponent part that takes the “can’t do” out of biking long distances to work.

So even if your bike to work or school is too far or those steep hills along the way seem too big to tackle, the BionX-powered bike can travel up to 120 kilometres with a single charge from a standard electrical outlet!

Music written by Chris Birkett courtesy 2Mounties Media Inc.
Ford Focus footage courtesy of Magna International

What You Can Do

Start your own commuting challenge with friends and co-workers, and see who can be the greenest commuter!

Find ways to Green your workplace!

Use the most efficient forms of transportation on land and water! Try carpooling and walking, and on water consider canoeing and sailing.

Become an advocate for cycling in your community – Get in touch with your city councillor to support cycling infrastructure in your neighbourhood.

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