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Gulf Shore Hero

Mary Gorman: Defending the Gulf of St. Lawrence

If we win this battle it will be because of hundreds and hundreds of people (getting involved) because one person can’t do it, believe me, if I could I would.
– Mary Gorman


Mary Gorman is trying to stop a disaster before it starts: Canada’s own Gulf Oil Spill. Twelve years ago, Mary turned from fisherman’s wife to Green Hero after two leases were issued for oil and gas development on the shores of her Nova Scotia home. Knowing spills were likely and would impact 2,000 marine species including endangered ones, Mary decided to prevent a disaster instead of reacting later.

Today Mary has formed a growing movement with support from celebrities like Ethan Hawke and Jason Priestley. Her struggle to protect the southern part of the Gulf of St. Lawrence from oil exploration resulted in her winning the inaugural Green Heroes award, as selected by fans of the web channel and a jury of esteemed environmental and broadcast judges.

Half of Canada’s ten provinces touch the Gulf of St. Lawrence – Quebec and all four in Atlantic Canada. Mary has worked tirelessly to ensure that fish stocks in this area remain strong and to protect marine mammals who spawn, nurse and migrate year-round through this productive eco-system.

For over 14 years, Save Our Seas and Shores has galvanized public outcry against the oil and gas industry’s encroachment into the Gulf of St. Lawrence calling for a complete moratorium on oil and gas exploration and drilling in the entire region.

Campaign Photo by Valerian Mazatoud
Music by Chris Birkett

What You Can Do

Gather signatures on this federal petition calling for a moratorium on oil and gas exploration and drilling

Tell your friends why a moratorium is needed in the Gulf

Other Resources

Save our Seas and Shores website

David Suzuki Foundation’s Oceans campaign

Farley Mowat’s op-ed piece in the Toronto Star

Spread the Word

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