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Shane Price: Greening the Hair Industry

As a consumer, every time you pull out your wallet, you are either voting for green or against green.


Shane Price is the founder of Canada’s Green Circle Salons. Shane is a forward thinker who has taken the every day experience of getting a hair cut and made it an environmental issue. By discovering a business model around the disposal needs of the hair salon industry, Shane Price has joined the ranks of the Green Heroes.

Green Circle Salons (GCS) is a service that provides its members with the tools to reduce their environmental impacts. GCS puts salons on the path to becoming greener businesses, and they do it in a way that is designed to actually increase income for the salon business while giving its customers the satisfaction that they are contributing to greening the planet.

So, the next time you get a haircut, you may actually be helping to save the environment. Did you know that because human hair is porous and oil seeps into its outer layer, that utilizing hair booms is one of the most efficient and safest ways of clearing up oil spills in the ocean?

• Music by Shane Philip
• Location courtesy of Michael’s Hair Body Mind, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

What You Can Do

• If you live in Ontario, explore the Green Circle Salons Directory to find an environmentally responsible member salon in your neighbourhood or community.

• If your current salon is not a member, you can either switch to a new salon that embraces change and cares enough to take a few small steps to make a difference OR you can convert your “old school” salon to a green-minded leader that helps, and not hurts, the planet. If you are up for the challenge, visit GCS here!

• Ensure that your salon is recycling and/or re-purposing hair, foils, colour tubes, plastics and papers.

• Come up with your own environmental campaign and get your clients on board. If you do, talk to us at Green Circle Salons, we’d be happy to help you tell your story.

Other Resources

• Follow the old adage-“waste none, want none” and explore some simple ways for your business to be more energy efficient.

• Visit the David Suzuki Foundation to learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint at home and in your business.

• Learn about the benefits of carbon offsetting and calculate your emissions.


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