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Making it Green

Donna Bishop

I always believe that people enter a green consciousness through either becoming a parent or a health crisis or both…I wanted to look for a way where I could feel like I was making a difference somewhere. So, I looked towards my beloved beauty industry and that was around the time that ingredients were really starting to get some bubbling in the media, that maybe we should be looking at them differently.– Donna Bishop


Donna is a makeup artist and hair stylist who has been a beauty and fashion industry insider for over 10 years. She has appeared numerous times on the Marilyn Denis Show and has been featured in InStyle Magazine and many other publications and beauty blogs including The Globe and MailBest HealthNOW Magazine and More Magazine. Donna is a long-standing member of Fashion Group International and is on the Board of the influential organization, Environmental Defense.

Donna’s  “call to action” came when her son developed a Wilms’ tumor, at the age of two. After his treatment and positive prognosis, Donna vowed to remove potentially cancer-causing elements from her family’s life, beginning with her own make-up kit. As she became attentive to the myriad of toxins found in everyday health and beauty products, she was met with the challenge of finding alternatives that could stand up to the quality of their industry competitors. It took years of product trials, but by staying vigilant, Donna has made a name for herself in both the beauty and environmental field.

Now, as a founder and CEO of Green Beauty Donna combines her expertise in beauty and fashion with her product-testing experience to find effective products that don’t harm the planet. Her on-line boutique and Toronto-based salon is the flagship in a whole retail chain she envisions where performance in skin care, make up or hair care is not sacrificed in the interest of using products that are clean, healthy and safe.

To make sure the beauty products she sells are safe, Donna tests every single one to ensure it meets Green Beauty’s high performance standards (several brands are used on actors in films and TV series) and lets the experts decide what is safe, like David Suzuki and Environmental Defense. That means there are no carcinogens (cancer-causing), endocrine disrupting (mess with your DNA), or animal testing (that’s right bunny—you’re safe). All the ingredients are listed, every single one, whether you buy online or come into the salon.

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What You Can Do

•Join the Green Heroes Academy App to support Donna’s passion by taking on fun challenges to use eco-friendly products and even make some of your own!

•Check out the Environmental Defence to get involved and keep up with their Just Beautiful campaign, also sharing a great pocket guide to use while shopping so you can identify the Toxic Ten

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