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Next Gen Heroes

Emily Hunter: Eco-Huntress

For me a lot of my activism is eco-communications and I really love going to the frontline and covering stories that aren’t in the mainstream media.


Emily Hunter carries on the traditions of her environmental-activist parents. As an eco-correspondent for MTV, Emily, like her father – the late, great Robert Hunter, a Greenpeace co-founder – uses her journalistic talents to spread a green message.

Still just in her 20’s, Emily inspires other young people to participate in the movement. Calling herself an eco-huntress, Emily makes activism cool. As she says, “Green has become the new black.”

Emily utilizes various mediums to spread the word through television and film, like her latest documentary Orangutan Guerillas,  web-based publications, and her book, The Next Eco-Warriorswhich tells the stories of this new generation of Green Heroes. With her impressive list of credentials, Emily strives to make people aware of the consequences of consumption and everyday actions.

• Music by Late July
• Footage courtesy of Greenpeace

What You Can Do

• Volunteer with Greenpeace

• Sea Shepherd is an organization that confronts problems head-on; read more about them. Make a donation to stop the slaughter of ocean wildlife.

ForestEthics wants to stop the construction of twin pipelines on British Columbia’s coast. Sign a petition to stop Trudeau’s development of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

• Read Emily’s book The Next Eco-Warriors to learn about the next generation of Green Heroes.

• Learn more about the damage being done by the Alberta tar sands here.

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