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Leilani Münter: The Green Movement on the Racetrack

Just Imagine: 75 million NASCAR fans recycling. 40 million Indy fans changing their light bulbs for CFL’s. Every race team offsetting their carbon footprint. Every racetrack with a recycling program. Every racing series using bio fuels. Because the acts of a single person multiplied a million times can make a difference.
Leilani Munter (Keynote speech to the National Wildlife Federation)


Leilani Münter is a professional race car driver who is doing her part for the environment by greening NASCAR from the inside track. Leilani burns fuel at speeds of up to 320 kms per hour, and this unlikely Green Hero has started a green initiative in an effort to combat the carbon footprint her racing profession creates. From speaking out on Capitol Hill, to using her race car for eco-friendly advertising, Münter is spreading her message to a previously untapped demographic.

Canadians are among the largest producers in the world of greenhouse gas emissions, the key contributors to climate change. According to a report published by the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), with the right technologies in place, a switch to renewable energy sources could provide 70% of global energy supplies, which could mean an end to our oil addiction.

Our reliance on fossil fuels, including heavy oils for transport and production, is the major cause of skyrocketing carbon emissions and soaring global temperatures. Leilani uses her Carbon Free Girl persona to raise awareness of the harms of fossil fuels and climate change, and offers alternatives to the way we use energy. Take action now to join with Leilani in reducing your carbon emissions and taking action on climate change.

Photographs courtesy: Phil Cavali, Craig Davidson, Shawn Mahoney and Jason Sandford
Video Footage courtesy of IMS Productions and Getty Images
Music by: The Lizards

What You Can Do

Calculate your emissions at home and reduce or offset greenhouse gas emissions in your business.

Find out President Obama’s position on climate change and reducing carbon emissions.

Other Resources

• Follow Leilani Munter on Twitter.

• Become a fan of Leilani Munter on Facebook.

• Be sure to check out Leilani’s website: Carbon Free Girl

Spread the Word

• Donate to the National Wildlife Federation or Sierra Club for oil spill relief and to fight for movement towards clean energy.

• Meet with your Member of Parliament (MP) to ask for a serious climate action plan.

• Tell 10 friends that Canada is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gas emissions from industry and transport, and that a simple switch to renewable energy sources could provide 70% of global energy supplies.

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