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Pedal Power

Andrew Ference: Hockey Star

“The macho thing about hockey is respect…that’s how I view changing your lifestyle and doing the right thing. It’s about respecting your kids and about the future generation. The most powerful thing to do when you want change is just to lead by example.”


Andrew Ference is a National Hockey League (NHL) superstar, formerly with the Calgary Flames and now a defenseman for the Boston Bruins.

Andrew is an avid environmentalist and a leader in the fight to reduce carbon emissions. He spearheaded a partnership between the NHL and the David Suzuki Foundation, forming the Carbon Neutral Challenge to inspire over 500 hockey players to offset their carbon emissions from travel with Gold Standard Credits, which puts money back into renewable energy projects.  Andrew also encourages recycling bins in locker rooms and the use of public transportation.

More astounding still is Andrew’s personal dedication to change; he bikes to work every day to reduce his environmental impact. Biking instead of driving helps mitigate ozone depletion, air pollution, smog, and noise pollution. The actions of offsetting and finding alternative ways of moving around have major positive impacts on our air, our climate and the future of our planet.  Take action now to exercise your pedal power and do something good for the environment and your body!

Photographs courtesy of Boston Bruins
Boston Bruins logo shown courtesy of NHL
Music by Lesley Pike

What You Can Do

• Take a refresher course on cycling to get you comfortable and back on the road.
• Join a bike co-op and learn how to fix your own bike, for free.
• Have a car-free day party on September 22 and curb your car.
• Become an advocate for cycling in your community – Get in touch with your city councillor to support cycling infrastructure in your neighbourhood (if you live in Toronto, here is a contact list).
• Donate to Bikes Without Borders to change a life with the gift of a bike.

Other Resources

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Spread the Word

Become a fan David Suzuki FoundationBikes without Borders and Bixi Toronto on Facebook.
Follow David Suzuki Foundation and Bixi Toronto on Twitter.

Tell 10 friends that motor vehicle emissions represent 31% of total carbon dioxide emission (Clean Air Council), and that a short, 4-mile round trip bicycle trip keeps about 15 pounds of pollutants out of the air (WorldWatch institute).

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