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Plugging into Green

Ian Clifford: Electric Green Hero

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Ian Clifford never looked back after purchasing a 40-year old electric car in 1994 for his 8 km daily commute. The Toronto-area entrepreneur sold his internet marketing company, created ZENN Motor Company, which began production of electric cars in 2006, and impacted the environment in a very profound way. ZENN stands for Zero Emission, NNoise and is a completely electric vehicle.

These cars, like the CityZenn, take less than 8 minutes to fully charge and can reach top speeds of 125 km/hour! A great replacement for gas-guzzling SUVs and trucks.

Since February 2011, Ian has been Vice Chairman of ZENN Motor Company and continues to be involved with the production of these green machines.

In 2000-2001, the last thing on people’s minds were electric cars – SUVs and gas were cheap! We were ahead of the curve, preaching to the choir but they were not interested.

In 2015, ZENN rebranded to EESTor, changing their manufacturing from electric cars to electrical energy storage in an effort to continue the zero-emission cause Ian started in 1994.

What You Can Do

•Read about the Canadian Automotive Assembly incentives for electric vehicles and see how you can get involved

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