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Remember Our Future

Ta’Kaiya Blaney: Remember Our Future

In my culture it’s a fact, and an understanding of life, that everything is connected, and we were put on this earth to be stewards and caretakers of the environment. In my culture, it’s a teaching to do more than connect the dots, to see the picture as a whole. I feel that advocating, and speaking at mere conferences isn’t enough. Actions speak louder than words.
– Ta’Kaiya Blaney


Ta’Kaiya Blaney, a 12-year-old Sliammon First Nation, proves that you can never be too young to become a Green Hero!

Growing up in British Columbia, a love for marine and coastal wildlife came naturally to Ta’Kaiya from an early age. When she learned about the devastating effects that oil spills have on wildlife, their habitats, and even the surrounding coastal First Nation communities, she knew she had to do whatever she could to prevent future oil spills from happening and to protect our precious environment. Ta’Kaiya raises her voice to a generation of youth who know more about their computers and television screens than the nature in their backyard, urging them to take more time to love nature and their environment.

At ten years old, Ta’Kaiya decided to write a song to raise awareness about the proposed Northern Gateway oil pipeline to be built between the Alberta Tar Sands and Kitimat, B.C. Her song, Shallow Waters, was a semi-finalist in the 2010 David Suzuki Songwriting Contest, Playlist for the Planet. The video for “Shallow Waters” has been viewed over 125,000 times on youtube!

With her determination and creativity, Ta’Kaiya shows us that one person (or child!) can make a difference and make their voice heard. She now spreads her message by traveling the globe to speak and sing at rallies, youth conferences, school assemblies, fundraisers, conferences, and even on the news!

What You Can Do

• Support Ta’Kaiya as she spreads her message across Canada.  Get a copy of her music here!

• Support the Yinka Dene Alliance

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