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Reporting Green

Adria Vasil: Reporting Green Solutions

I think my mission as a Green Hero is really to take the guess work out of going
green for people and to root out the every day chemicals that are hidden in outlives…to hopefully encourage people to go, “yes i can do this, go green, live more sustainably”

– Adria Vasil


Since the spring of 2004, Adria Vasil has been spreading her message to the masses through the weekly Ecoholic column in NOW magazine. The column’s success has spawned a line of Ecoholic books that offer insight on how to better treat our homes and bodies, one page at a time. When Adria was a teenager she began to question the obscure names printed in the ingredient lists of everyday consumer products. Horrified at what she discovered, she put her journalism skills to work to tell us what is really in the products we buy off the shelf and offers simple and environmental alternatives to our everyday chemically abundant household products.


Music written by Chris Birkett courtesy 2Mounties Media Inc.

What You Can Do

•Read Ecoholic to gain knowledge and tips on household products you can switch for the environmental alternative

•Join the Green Heroes Academy App to support Adria’s passion by taking on fun challenges to use eco-friendly products and even make some of your own!

•Check out the Environmental Defence for their Just Beautiful campaign, with a great pocket guide to use while shopping so you can identify the Toxic Ten

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A single act, done by many, makes a big difference. Join the Green Heroes™ Academy  to discover green acts that are fun to do and that earn you points on your way to becoming a Green Hero too!

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